Social media and smart phones be used in classrooms for educational purposes

Yes, I think social media or smart phones should be used in used in classrooms for educational purposes because it makes students more actively engaged in learning. It allows students to choose how they learn, it provides websites that teachers can’t give to their students. There are learning apps like Planet Finder to make lesson plans more realistic and interesting. In high school P.E teachers ask for your athletic progress and write it down on paper well now there are apps that can help you keep track of your exercise or if your running. There is a lot of learning apps that students can use during class especially for math and science. There is a problem with students getting distracted by texting,doodling, passing notes or stress with friends or home, by allowing technology in their learning can help them pay attention and get things across. Instead of trying to hide their phone and text by allowing them to use their phone for school it would put the phones out in the open, so if they get caught they know not to do it again, and they will begin to pay attention and use their phone for something useful. Another problem is students missing notes or not being able to write all they need to write down. With their mobil devices they can record or use the original notepad to write all their notes down and wont lose them. Also you can take pictures of the board for visual learners to look back on. Some were concerned for cyber bullying well that has gone down since technology has brought into classrooms. This is why I think social media or smart phones should be in the classrooms for educational purposes.

5 websites that I used for my opinion: